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We can no longer teach 18th century methods to 21th century students". is the lament of many of our school districts. In the age of Facebook, wikipedia, and Twitter, by the time the teacher has written on the blackboard or given an assignment the students have Googled or Twitter the answers to friends all over the campus. That means that teachers must now have the same tools that the students have to provide quality education for these 21th century students. That means that school districts must plan and incorporate wireless and mobile solutions into the schools not only to keep up with students but to teach themselves how to use these tools to improve themselves.

MERP Planning can help school districts successfully use wireless and mobile to help both teachers and students get the best learning experience that this 24/7 information age has to offer. Read how we helped Hayt Elementary School in Chicago achieve their wireless goals

Educational Case Studies

Case Study: Equus computers St. Paul Academy

Equus Education

See how Equus and Intel are changing education with the Classmate Tablet PC. St. Paul Academy and Summit School, a private coeducational campus for students K-12, strives to introduce the most effective new technology tools into its exceptional learning experience. Working with Intel and solution provider Equus Computer Systems, the school introduced a pilot program that placed Intel-powered convertible classmate PC tablets in the hands of its 6th grade students and dramatically enhanced the power of education technology in the classroom

Take Advantage of Microsoft's Shape the Future Program for Schools

Equus and Microsoft are teaming up to share a new program called Shape the Future, a flexible teaching and learning program that increases access and lowers the cost of Windows-based devices for U.S. public schools.
To help educators Shape the Future we are introducing the new Nobilis i701 All-in-One PC. So much more than just a desktop with the latest technology, the Nobilis i701 transforms and simplifies the user experience by leveraging touchscreen technology and next generation apps.
Key benefits include:

  • Build to order capabilities ensures each system is tailored to meet specific needs.
  • Clutter-Free and sleek design is perfect for environments where space is at a premium.
  • Custom Imaging delivers hardware solutions pre-loaded with the custom software images.

Download Shape the Future Data Sheet Then visit our Equus Computer page for more of Equus Computers for Education


Hyat Case Study

A School Enhances Learning Opportunities through Wireless Connectivity The computer-less classroom, once standard, has disappeared much the same as the one-room schoolhouse. In addition to the traditional "basics," today's schools must prepare their students for the technology-rich environment where they will compete as adults. Today's students have grown up with video games, "special effect" movies, and computers in their homes. They are ripe for the type of hands-on learning that computers provide. According to a recent study, there are currently 82,065 K-12 schools with computers in the US, and 89-95% of these use the Internet as a teaching tool. 95% of the 16 million students in higher educational institutions will be online by 2003. As educators plan for this future, a key question they face is, "How can schools more effectively incorporate the Internet and computers into the curriculum?"
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