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Small Business Mobility

According to the latest reports mobility is now becoming a major part any business that has workers in the field such as salesman, delivery services,long or short haul trucking, Utility works, or any type of outside worker who must stay in touch with their home office has to have a mobile device that can connect them to their office to send and receive critical about customers on their route. Because in today's fast paced business environment customers will not wait until someone gets back to the office to close a sale or wait for an order to be processed before they get their products or services.

Personal Mobile Office

Only mobility can give your outside staff the power to create a PMO [Personal Mobile Office] that will allow them to send and receive the data they need to close sales, create invoices,make test, and up grade orders at the client site then send that information to your office in real time to processed by your back office systems to save your customers and you time and money. So in today's business world if you are not thinking about adding mobility to your Field Force then before you know you won't have a Field Force to worry about or a business. It's just that important.

Make an Appointment

Make an Appointment

Our MERP consultants can show you how to use system servers, PC's, Laptops, and mobile devices. We will instruct you on the processes that IT administrators will use to manage the mobile devices and to monitor end user synchronization. Our method will instill a comfort level in all personnel that will insure acceptance of the new technology. Fill out our appointment and one of our mobile consultant will contact you and work with you to create your MERP Network.Call Today:312-483-4598
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